Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick and Easy Chocolate Cake

          I truly dedicate this to my little one,
   All purpose flour  1 n half cup
    refined oil  1 cup this makes the cake glossy
    castor sugar 2 cups
    coco powder  1 cup
    warm milk 1 cup
     eggs  2
     baking powder  1 tsp
      baking soda       1 tsp
       vanilla essence   1 tsp
        salt  a pinch
                  Mix in all the dry ingredients and keep aside
             In  a bowl add in the egg  milk and mix well till light and fluffy, and in the vanilla essence and mix well then add in all the dry ingredients mix well till well combines, and at the last add in the  refined oil mix well ,You can add nuts if you like, and bake the cake  at 375 degree for about 50 mins to 1hr

Note  while adding warm milk to the egg  make sure to keep adding little by little and mixing quickly, otherwise the eggs would be scrambled.
Serve with cream.

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